Brand Identity + Website UI/UX Design

How do you take something that is difficult to explain and make it easy to understand with just a couple of words? This was at the very heart of the work we did for Think Founders - a financial services company for the healthcare industry. We began our brand reinvention adventure by simply going through all the material that was given to us.

Interestingly and hidden in plain sight was the fact that Think Founders focused on bringing financial transparency to the healthcare industry. Given that the healthcare industry is not always associated with transparency, Think Founders was change in the form of technology that built trust. There was an undeniable sense of sincerity in the path that Think Founders was on and this led us to the big idea for the company—"Discover Sincere".

Keeping these newly discovered frameworks in mind, we did up the company's brand communication, added our signature touches to its visual identity, and designed the website as well. We very intentionally maintained a simple and clean aesthetic for Think Founders. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too elaborate. And at the finish line of the project, we realized we had solved a real problem—the problem of complexity.

If it's working out for you, you're probably out working.