Landmarks of Excellence

Marketing Brochure

Sobha - one of the country's topmost developers - wanted to get a very strategic brochure done by us.

However, this wasn't just any marketing brochure - it, in fact, was to be a statement-making business development tool meant to target large corporations to bring in big-ticket commercial projects for Sobha.

In other words, this was a B2B brochure that would have to double up as a 'conversation-starter' for crores and crores worth of business.

As always, we began with multiple rounds of discussions and meetings with Sobha and came up with a legacy concept and title for the requirement: 'Landmarks of Excellence'. This concept and title helped showcase Sobha's success in building iconic commercial projects over the years for some of the biggest Indian and global companies.

The grand positioning - through communication and visually - of the company and its achievements would only mean that our 'conversation starter' brochure would pique the interest of Sobha's clients and industry contacts to want to engage with them for the first time or all over again. Either way, it would mean business and that is always a good thing.

If it's working out for you, you're probably out working.