Nabler NXT

Brand Identity

Nabler, an end-to-end digital analytics company, was coming up with their next big thing - an entire basket of business solutions offered to clients looking to make sense of their data in smart and efficient ways. In the process, Nabler NXT was born.
We were roped in to do the branding for NXT. The brief was simple - 'stay relevant and build on the X in NXT.'

While working with an X from a designer's point of view is always exciting, you can never get too carried away because the line between what is a strong, versatile and mature 'X' and what could be considered a downright amateur or childish 'X' is always thin.Considering the nature of the risk involved, we decided to put a thought in place before the literal drawing out of the X, which would in a way also have to be the monogram for NXT.

Our brightest racked their brains and zeroed in on breaking down a conventional X into stylized arrows that all meant something to the birth of NXT - the thought being liked by one and all then became NXT as we now know it.

If it's working out for you, you're probably out working.