I’ve worked with Unplugged for over 15 years and I can confidently say that they're one of the best design teams around.

Seby Kallarakkal - CEO, Nabler

An insight-driven company, we design smart and exceptional websites, mobile applications and brands.

Karthick Kannan is the designer behind Unplugged.

His brainchild from when he was in college, Unplugged owes its existence and success to him.

With a UX certification from Human Factors International and a diploma in design from MIT Sloan against his name, he’s a lead-from-the-front guy, who is loved by clients and colleagues alike.

Vijay Isaac is the voice of Unplugged.

Closely associated with Unplugged since 2012, he is a copywriter at heart and a designer by eye.

Enviably armed with 10+ years of experience in the creative industry and a Master's degree in Advertising from the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), he is a servant leader based out of Atlanta, USA with a strong focus on North American markets.

Think. Think. Think. Then, do.